Eastern Cape 2017


14th National Oral History Conference, Eastern Cape Province 10-13 October 2017 



Eastern Cape 2017

Coffee Table Publication (CTP): Stories of South African Women: 2017

A Tribute to Women of Africa…sharing their stories_ Edition 1

Dear Colleague , I make an earnest appeal to you to please write for our publication. Your participation will ensure that South African Women of all races, places and spaces will be applauded, appreciated and acknowledged because of your engagement, enlightenment and empowerment. You are encouraged to please write an article that Tells your Story (if you are a woman) OR Your Mother’s (or any other female that has influenced you) Story. It should be Arial size 10, single line spacing. You could write in paragraphs, using sub-headings. Pictures also make for interesting reading and captures the moment. The following information or format could be used in your write up. However, there is ample room for creativity. Please note that you are not restricted to sticking to this format. You may even use a combination of the options.


OPTION 1: Written in paragraphs by answering the following questions


Stages in life




Birth to two years:

Where were you born? Year?

Parents: Explain family background. Extended family.



Early   life

School, friends, family, life in general under apartheid

What was your life like while growing up? Who were the important role players in your life? What did you enjoy most while growing up?


Teenage years

Difficulties / cultural disputes/ moral challenges

Did you face peer pressure? What influence did your culture / belief system have on you? Any memory of superstition / old wives tales/ folk tales / storytelling that shaped you?


Young adult life under apartheid

Trials / struggles / successes

Success to include family, children, spouse etc. influence of adult friends / civic groups etc


Marriage / children / extended family life

What experiences can you share? Economic difficulties? Social issues? Political strife? The environment?

Did you work? Were you protected at the workplace?

Remuneration? Uniforms? Travelling?


Mature adult

Changes in the country?

You contribution.

Were you active in movements that led to change?

Other experiences that you may have had.


At present

Share your thoughts… hope for the future? Sadness? Achievements,

If you could change anything what would it be and why?



  1. Brief biography

This should cover birth, early childhood, schooling and life after schooling.

  1. A memorable moment in your life or mother’s life under apartheid.

It is almost given that when you request people to write about their lives under apartheid they would focus on the hardships and their resistance to apartheid, i.e. political activism. This is true for many people, and women in particular who, regrettably their histories still remain ‘hidden’. Contributors are urged to write about this. Colleagues are strongly urged to begin to document about other aspects of their lives that remain dormant.

Contributors are also encouraged to write about any aspect of their life or their mother’s life that they feel is pertinent and deserves to be documented. These could range from challenges unmarried women, especially black women, faced in acquiring accommodation in the urban areas; how they managed to survive and raise children, sometimes single-handedly through what the then government perceived as illegal means (e.g. beer brewing or street hawking); entertainment careers (Contributors must write about their memories or that of their mothers who were aspiring musicians, artists, sport enthusiasts, etc, in their communities); community developers, but due to apartheid laws, which restricted the advancement of black people, they struggled to achieve their dreams.

  1. View about post-apartheid South Africa: Hope/Dream for the future? Sadness? Achievements, etc.


Writers are also encouraged to tell community stories. Perhaps an individual wants to pay for the page that pays homage to his / her crèche / sporting club etc. Then the story / page could revolve around the women that played the pivotal role in the formative years.

In Conclusion, remember to be creative. You can write as family or as a group. We are looking for stories that cover the length and breadth of our country. We are looking for women’s tales from all provinces, the plaas, the plush neighbourhoods and townships. Join me in telling women’s stories. This is a great initiative. Please be involved.


R 250 per page / 500 WORDS and a Picture

PS_ There is no restriction on the number of pages per story. However, each page has to be paid for.

OHASA, ABSA Bank, Pretoria, Account No: 4067826673, PLEASE NOTE: Payment REFERENCES MUST reflect “Your Name, Surname and CTP This will help us in identifying the contributors.

Unidentified payments will be put into a suspense account and will result in the suspension on your subscription.

Should you require any further information, please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Regards, Dr. Kogie Archary

Visit our website www.ohasa.org.za